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On the Aeriaa Airport Dashboard (part I)

I would like to start this section with a homemade post. I like planes, I like computers, I like airports, I like the connection between techonology and aviation, so lets make a little application related to airports using some technologies, some of them new for me, to build a demo with some sense. The purpose of this demo is technology self learning and for sharing with you some airports concepts.
Let’s start!

Demo App: The Aeriaa Airport Operation Dashboard.

Imagine that there is a big-size airport called Aeriaa International Airport, with a fake IATA code, AEI (some day I’ll post why the airports code are composed) with about 20 million passengers per year and with one huge terminal building.

In this Terminal, called “Papepe Terminal” we have this services, systems and facilities:
– One automatic baggage handling system.
– 150 checkin counters and 25 self service checkin kiosks (IRONIC MODE=ON “I love them” IRONIC MODE=OFF).
– 50 boarding gates, distributed in A, B, and C areas.
– 20 Passenger Boarding Bridges/Airbridges/Jetties (thanks Santos for your tip).
– 2 security passenger filters.
– A parking lot with 10.000 parking spaces.
– Terminal building SCADA systems, HVAC, lighting, water, electric power…
– Airport Operational Systems to manage the flights. I will more precise on these systems later. (in this or in next posts).
– Cameras, cameras, and more cameras, security systems at every corner and access control to all the security areas. (As operational systems, you will see later more about this).

So we have a terminal, facilities, systems….lets have a look on the airport’s users: 
– Passengers, people that take or leave a flight at departures or arrivals. Do not forget the people that see off his friends and families and those ones that welcomes them back. There are two “emotional” places at every airport. The happy one, at arrivals and the sadest one, at departures, if one day you need optimism, please enjoy a few hours at an airport’s arrivals lounge.
– Airlines, can you put in a list all the airlines you know?
– Handling agents, specialized companies that manage the specific processes of carrying baggages to/from planes, or carrying passengers to remote positions in buses, moves the planes to the taxi areas, check and board the passengers…
– Shops! Yes, the airports are malls where the people take planes.
– Workers, thousand of workers that maintain the airport alive and fucntional.

This post is introductory, before code, techinical architectures, etc, I will post airport concepts, but this will happen next days.

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