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New AICM Terminal projected for 2018. Image Credit Foster+Partners

On an Airport Dream

This post is unusual here, but it is the overcome of an IT project in Gran Canaria Airport’s north expansion. During June and July of 2014 I worked on the final systems testings and Commissioning of the North Expansion of Gran Canaria Airport (LPA), this project marked my 10th Airport’s new Terminal, or expansion, project of my career. So I decided to make a little movie about the beauty of our engineering job, having a new airport’s facility ready for operation is a great satisfaction. This movie was recorded in little rest times we had, with my iPhone 4S, improvising takes and using any architectural element as a tripod. Of course I would like to mention my mates in this project, Ángel, Roberto y Javi, and the amazing local IT staff, led by Julio, Víctor and Antonio.

In the recent years, this movie represents the third product of these years working on airport’s systems integration and Commissioning, the second one is my book edited by the company I work for, Isdefe, about the airport’s systems integration, airport’s processes, dashboards and complex events processing. You can see more about the book in this link, it is free downloadable. The third one, is the personal project I’m developing for showing the technologies and airport’s processes for building an Airport’s Dashboard, you can see the articles published about it in the following links. Airport’s Dashboard Project Articles and Project’s introduction.

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I hope you like the movie. (Turn on the HD on the lower right gear icon and watch it in full screen’s mode).


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