aeriaA’s Vision

aeriaA is about aeronautics and technology passion. It is focused on three main pillars:

Information: aeriaA wants to publish news and articles about interesting topics, not on a daily basis, based on quality over quantity. There are so many awesome aviation websites with daily news, they are perfect to get up to date about aviation’s actuality. The aeriaA’s main topics are: aviation IT projects, airplanes, engineering, aviation history, airports and airlines from an IT perspective, customer’s experience/loyalty based on IT, etc.

Knowledge dissemination: we want to spread knowledge, preferably open and free. aeriaA is also a platform for open courses about aeronautics in general and the related IT topics also. You can contribute with your material and courses. The target audience is from kids to experts. The kids are our future, and as when I was a child, they love planes, so let show them the beauty of fly from every point of view.

Meeting point: aeriaA is a meeting point for #avgeeks people, for industry people, for open source developers that want to show and share their projects, for webinars events, for plane spotters, etc. We want the open participation based on the freely knowledge cooperation, respect and with a clear vision of future. aeriaA is also a place for sharing your future projects.

aeriaA is the place that I always wanted to have, combining aviation and IT, with touches of history, not for a mass audience, only for being comfortable learning, reading and sharing experiences and knowledge. You are invited to join and share your thoughts and knowledge.


Thanks for being here.

Pedro Garcia.


General info

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